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My Movies

Can I import movies to My Movies library from Digital Retailer family sharing/libraries?

Movie is missing from my Movies Anywhere collection

Certain Marvel movies are missing from my Movies Anywhere library

How do I remove a movie from Continue Watching queue?

How do I sort the movies in My Movies?

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Trending Topics

What audio formats does Movies Anywhere support?

Does Movies Anywhere support 4K and HDR?

How do I activate Movies Anywhere on my streaming device or Smart TV?

Which movie titles are not eligible for Movies Anywhere?

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Retailers currently participating in Movies Anywhere

What devices are supported for Movies Anywhere?

Contact Movies Anywhere

Can I redeem points from studio reward programs within Movies Anywhere?

Can I access my Movies Anywhere collection outside of the United States?

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Purchase & Redeem

Unable to Redeem a Digital Copy code

Why is the movie I redeemed in standard definition (SD)?

Can I watch movies I've already purchased on Blu-ray or DVD on Movies Anywhere?

How do I purchase a movie through Movies Anywhere?

How do I redeem a Digital Copy code to My Movies?

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What is Screen Pass?

Can I link my Movies Anywhere account to Disney Movie Insiders?

Sign in with Apple

How to renew your Movies Anywhere Video Data sharing consent and update your digital retailer connections

How do I update or change my Profile Pic?

Why can't I register for a Movies Anywhere account?

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Saved movie won't play on an iOS device

Saved movie won't play on an Android or Amazon device

Troubleshooting issues with the app on a streaming device or Smart TV

Playback error when playing a movie on an Android device

Why is the Movies Anywhere app no longer supported on my mobile device?

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Connecting Digital Retailers

How do I transfer my Disney Movies Anywhere collection to Movies Anywhere?

How long does it take for movies to sync?

How do I connect a Digital Retailer account?

How do I disconnect a Digital Retailer account?

Can I connect my Movies Anywhere account with more than one Digital Retailer?

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Streaming and Downloading

What is Watch Together?

How to download a movie for offline viewing on a computer

Can I stream in high definition (HD)?

To how many computers or devices can I stream a video at one time?

How to watch a movie without an internet connection

To how many devices can I save a movie for offline viewing?

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Closed Captioning

What videos are available with Closed Captions?

How do I adjust my closed captioning style settings?

How do I turn movie subtitles ON or OFF?

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OFFER: “Buy 'Little Women': Pick Your Bonus Movie”

How do I find the latest movie deals?

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